Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Well, the DEFY THE STARS blog tour is over, and I could not be more pleased and overwhelmed with its success!  I have to thank everyone who read guest posts and reviews, entered the giveaways, followed me on twitter or my blog, added Defy the Stars to goodreads, and of course bought it!  I also have to thank all the amazing bloggers who participated in the tour, and especially Nereyda Gonzalez, who organized the tour for YA Bound.  She did an amazing job, and if you're an author looking to organize a blog tour, I highly recommend her!

What's even cooler is that I never intended to have a blog tour for Defy the Stars--Nereyda actually approached me with the idea, and I'm so very glad she did!  Overall, am I happy about last week?  In the words of Emma Watson, who would play Julia in my dream version of Defy the Stars,


Now to all my new blog followers, thank you so much and I hope you'll stick around--I'll try to have some interesting stuff for you!  I have a 2-part post planned beginning next Wednesday, which will be especially interesting to anyone who has read or plans to read Defy the Stars (no spoiler, I promise!).

I will also be participating in the Indie Giving Blogfest beginning November 18th, so keep an eye out for that and there may be a prize or too!

Again, thanks everyone!


  1. I didn't have much extra time this week to check all of it out, but I thought it was great that you were able to have a tour for your book! :) Congrats on the success from it! It will continue because your book is great. ^_^