Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mini Review: Joyfully Yours by Amy Lamont

It’s that time of year again…the time to read adorable, heartwarming Christmas novellas like Amy Lamont’s Joyfully Yours.  This was my first introduction to Amy Lamont’s writing, and I really enjoyed it!  I liked reading a love story with a genuinely nice, ordinary, but still very attractive guy—oh, and he also happens to be a priest.  (He’s not Catholic, though, so there’s no forbidden romance drama here.  Just hot Father Michael.)  And our heroine Faith is very relatable and sympathetic as a twenty-something questioning her choices in life, still feeling pressure from her family’s expectations.   Though this was a short novella, there were some really nice scenes outside of the love story as well, especially Faith’s interaction with a young girl, Laura, while Faith is volunteering at Father Michael’s church.  I loved how Laura reminded Faith of herself even though their circumstances in life were so different.  I also liked that, while Faith’s mother and sister could be incredibly annoying, they became more three-dimensional and sympathetic throughout the story despite the short length.  The ending felt a little too perfect, but…who doesn’t love a fairy tale at Christmastime?  I know I do!

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