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I am a graduate of the Master of Professional Writing program at the University of Southern California, and I’ve worked as an editor, copy editor and proofreader for many publishing companies and individual clients over the past seven years.  Companies I’ve worked for include Dorchester Publishing (former publisher of the popular Loveswept romances), Cobblestone Press, The Wild Rose Press, and many more!  I specialize in copy editing and proofreading—I have an eye for detail and I love to make those sentences shine!—but I offer full manuscript critiques and substantive editing as well.  I am also a writer myself, so I understand how important your words are to you and am very mindful of keeping the writer’s voice and intentions as my first priority.

I refer to the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster Dictionary unless otherwise requested.


Manuscript Critique/Substantive Editing

I will review your manuscript and offer editing suggestions in terms of plot, character development, organization, voice, clarity, consistency, considering your audience, and much more.  I will tailor my comments to your specific needs and concerns, so my rate here really depends on what the author is looking for.  The author and I will generally agree on a flat fee beforehand.

Copy Editing

I will use Microsoft Word Track Changes to edit the manuscript on a sentence level, focusing on grammar, punctuation, word choice, repetition, sentence structure, clarity, inconsistencies, and anything else I notice!  I can also comment on larger issues such as structure and character development during a copy edit, as needed and/or as desired by the author.  My rate for copy editing is 0.005 cents per word.


For proofreading, I provide all the same services as in a copy edit, with the understanding that the manuscript has already been through at least one round of edits and is in good shape.  My rate for proofreading is 0.003 cents per word.


“I have worked with Stephanie for years. Not only are her edits dead on, she is quick and not once have I had an author complain. That is quite a feat! I would hire Stephanie for edits and proofing any time—and I often do!”

--Shara Azod, LLC, Author and Publisher 

“Stephanie is an amazing editor! This woman totally knows her way around words. I could have a line I knew didn’t sound right but wasn’t sure what was wrong with it. And then she would come along, rearrange a couple words here and there with the simplest alteration and suddenly, it was perfect. She’s brilliant from big-picture plot revision to line-by-line proofreading.”

--Linda Kage, Author of Price of a Kiss, Fighting Fate, and many others

"There comes a time when you can no longer stare at your own words, typos and grammatical errors no longer stick out, and if you have to reread the same sentence aloud one more time you will scream...this is where Stephanie Parent comes in and saves my sanity! She is easy to work with, fast, friendly, and efficient. If you're looking for a professional freelance editor with expert eyes and speedy precision I highly recommend Stephanie."

--Jennifer Snyder, author of Conjured, The Unloved, and many others


Please contact me at for editing inquiries.  I am generally willing to perform a five to ten-page sample edit for free to determine whether an author and I will work well together.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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